7 Tips to Become a Better Friend

Being a good friend can be difficult at times, but a lasting friendship is something which can be truly treasured. A friend is someone who suffers the bad times as well as enjoying the good times and is always there to be relied on. Forming a friendship can take time and isn’t something that simply happens overnight. However, if you have formed the basis of a friendship then you can use these 7 tips to become a better friend.

1.        Don’t Break Your Promises

The simple way to do this is don’t make promises you know you can’t keep. Of course there are times when promises are broken because of circumstances out of our control, but if you constantly break promises you will be seen as unreliable. If you say you are going to meet someone at a specific time or video chat on a certain day, try your best to keep the date and turn up.

2.       Know When To Apologize

We all make mistakes and knowing when to admit it is important to any friendship. If you have made a mistake it is much better to own up to it than for you to deny it and the mistake be found out at a later date. Although it may cause some initial anger, apologizing and admitting a mistake up front will demonstrate your ability to be truthful and dependable as a friend.

3.       Don’t Use Someone For Your Benefit

A friendship should be based on equality and using someone for your personal benefit is not a real friendship. Real friendships aren’t built around what one person can do for the other, but are based on shared interests and the enjoyment of being in each other’s company. Think about how you’d feel if someone was using you for their personal gain.

4.       Be Loyal

Loyalty to your friends will increase the bond between you both. If your friend decides to tell you a personal secret or something embarrassing in confidence, don’t then go around and spread it as a rumor. The same goes for talking about your friend to a third party, don’t say things about them you wouldn’t say to their face.

5.       Respect Each Other

True friends will always respect each other by openly supporting the other in their endeavors. If you have a friend who has different religious beliefs, respect their choice and be open to discussing them. You should both feel comfortable in expressing opinions with each other, whether or not you agree with them.

6.       Be Supportive

If your friend is having a bad time because of work or personal problem, be there to support them. Ask them what the problem is and attempt to offer a solution. Sometimes the best thing a friend can do in this situation is to simply be there and listen. Forming a true friendship means being there for the other person no matter what they need and supporting them through it.

7.       Know How To Forgive

Holding a grudge against a friend for doing something wrong will lead to the termination of the friendship. Having the ability to let go and forgive a friend for a wrongdoing can increase the bond between you both and make the friendship stronger. If your friend has sincerely apologized for doing something wrong, try to move on and don’t allow resentment to build up.


Teens Exploring with a New Way to Escape from Reality – Random Cam Sites

The life of a teenager is tough, really tough, and as people go through puberty the desire to escape from reality is strong. Think about how hard life as a teenager is, especially in today’s modern world with the pressure to do well in school, make friends, look good, and of course all this while puberty is making those few years extremely uncomfortable for your body. The pressure placed upon a teenager by society and their peers’ means that the majority of teens explore many ways of escaping from reality, from reading to watching TV, but with the rise of easy access online many now find that the internet provides the perfect escape.


The internet is still in its infancy and this generation of teens are among the first to have grown up with constant access to the online world. This offers teens a whole new way to escape from the trials and tribulations of going through puberty, something none of the preceding generations had. For example, playing a MMO game provides the perfect opportunity to create a new persona and act out a fantasy that is far from the reality of everyday life. Doing this is no different to previous generations creating a fantasy world in their back gardens and pretending to be an astronaut or a princess.

Although playing games online or using social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter can provide a way to forget about life for a little while, these can also have their pitfalls. Playing a MMO game online can become quite tiresome after a while and can be a very one dimensional way of having fun online. Similarly, social media sites can be the perfect escape from your family and a great way to communicate with friends, but when going on Facebook or Twitter you will still come into contact with people you know. This isn’t truly escaping from reality and so now teens are exploring new ways in which they can forget about life for a little while.

When teens want to escape, they want somewhere they can be anonymous, have fun, flirt and explore their personalities. There is a service which provides this and it is currently on the rise. That thing is random cam sites. Using a random cam site provides all the ingredients needed to escape the drudgery of everyday life experienced by teens and these sites are becoming increasingly popular. More and more teens are using these sites as a fun way to meet new people, express their views freely and interact with people from all over the world.

When you see how popular random cam sites are becoming, sites such as Chatrandom have 60,000 users online at any given time, it is easy to see why teens are using them to escape from reality. It is the simplicity of these sites which is attracting more and more teens. They simply navigate to the random cam site, allow access to their webcam, press start and they are chatting to a random stranger. It is the perfect arena for an unpopular teen to recreate themselves and gain confidence or a teen who is feeling pressure from exams to share a laugh with a stranger. Teens are always seeking a new and easy way to escape reality and random cam sites are providing it.


Top 3 Chat Rooms Celebrities Like to Use

Celebrities love using random video chat sites because it gives them the ability to become normal people. When using video chat sites, celebrities get to chat with strangers and fans in one on one conversations without having to deal with paparazzi. Without the press following them everywhere, they can let loose and have some good old fun online. Most celebrities tend to use the same video chat rooms; we want to share some information about each one of those chat rooms so that maybe you too can meet a celebrity online.


Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 6.46.19 PM

One of the most common cam sites where celebrities enjoy hanging out online is Chatrandom. Chatrandom is the largest and most well-known random video chat site on the internet. This is one of the reasons why most celebrities know about it. However, Chatrandom has tons of benefits that other video chat sites don’t have which is why celebrities enjoy using it. For instance, you can video chat with up to 4 other people at the same time, you can chat with only boys or only girls and you can even choose which country you want to meet people from. You never know who you’ll meet at Chatrandom.


Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 7.30.31 PM

Omegle is one of the oldest random cam sites online and this is one of the reasons why celebrities enjoy using it. Many people know about Omegle because of the funny videos that have been posted on YouTube. Omegle has a large user database with thousands of online users at al times and although it doesn’t have as many features as Chatrandom, it’s still a pretty good video chat site. When using this video chat site you can choose to chat with people according to specific interests, which is another reason why many celebrities enjoy using it.


Although Chatroulette has been declining in popularity quite rapidly over the past couple of years, this site has still had it’s fair share of celebrities. Chatroulette became a household name overnight and everyone seemed to be talking about it back in the day. Being the first random cam site to have ever existed, Chatroulette definitely caught the curiosity of numerous celebrities. Paris Hilton, Ashton Kutcher and Justin Beiber are just a few of the big names that have been spotted online. However, if you’re searching for celebrities online today, your best bet is to choose Chatrandom or Omegle.

ChatRad – A Safer Place than Ever Before

The huge growth in random chat sites over the last couple of years has seen it become one of the leading forms of communication online. People of all ages and all nationalities enjoy the service which are provided by the many random chat sites available. However, one drawback which has been mentioned by many users, especially female users, is that there tends to be a lot of inappropriate behavior on the majority of these sites.


Log on to a random chat site and the chances are you will come across nudity more often than not. This issue was recognized with the inception of G-Rated random chat site ChatRad, which offers a friendly arena for people to communicate without the worry of coming across inappropriate behavior. Now, ChatRad has taken its G-Rated status one step further and introduced new measures to ensure they are a safer place to chat than ever before.

The new safety measures introduced by ChatRad center around using new proprietary software alongside the 24/7 full-time moderators who were in place. The software has been designed to help moderators identify and then quickly ban any users who violate the strict no-nudity policy implemented by the website. This is a huge leap forward in safe random chat and now makes ChatRad the safest chat site available today.


ChatRad is now a little over a year old, and since it was launched it has gained a huge fan base of younger teens and adults who want to use random chat features without all the inappropriate behavior which is associated with random chat. The site became the first ever G-Rated random chat site and set about creating a safe environment in which users could chat about anything from the weather to their favorite hobby. With these new security features, ChatRad has truly become the go-to site for safe and normal random chat.

In addition to the security features, ChatRad offers users the chance to select which country they would prefer to connect with. This is an excellent chance to meet someone from the other side of the world and learn about their culture, language, and cuisine. The opportunity to have a normal, clean conversation is difficult to come across online, with many people using the anonymity of chat sites to seek adult activities instead of a meaningful conversation. The safety features which have been implemented by ChatRad certainly seem to work with the site boasting one of the highest female to male ratios of any random chat site.

The popularity of random chat sites had created a dilemma for parents. Many teens wish to use random chat sites to meet new people or simply to have someone to talk to. However, the bad press surrounding random sites such as Chatroulette and Omegle led parents to ban their teens from using random chat at all, creating tension in the household. Now, with ChatRad leading the way in security and constantly updating its features, parents are actually encouraging their teens to use the site to create normal and healthy relationships with people from a host of different backgrounds