Simple Tricks to Increase Your Chances of Getting Online Dates

Online dating has been around for so long that it has now become a regular way to meet people. Many marriages and couples are formed through online dating, yet so many people are still failing at love even with the virtual age. Obviously, there are always ways that you can improve yourself, so we have brought together a list of cool ways to enjoy online dating at its best. With our tips, you will be able to increase your chances of getting dates online without very much effort. 

online dating tips

Redo your entire profile page

The first thing you do when you create an online dating profile is write out a quick description of yourself without putting much effort into it. All you can think about is finding singles and getting laid. Now it’s time to go back and rewrite your entire profile page description. Unless you actually did sit down and think about what you were writing, it’s important to go back and redo it. Your profile page description is the only way for others to really get to know you. Make it a wonderful first impression.

Don’t oversell yourself; just stay honest in your description and you’ll easily be able to attract a ton of strangers. Even if you’re a huge Star Wars fan and you sleep in a bed covered with Jedi sheets, mention it. You’ll find your Star Wars soul mate and make great little Yoda babies.

Be selective with your photos

Picking your photos is highly important, yet most people just upload the first picture they can find of themselves. It’s worth gathering up a friend and having them take a couple shots of you. Pick the best ones and upload them on your dating profile. It’s always better to have high quality photos that the other people can clearly see your facial details. It’s even better if they can see your entire body, because that way they don’t have to guess what you look like. Give strangers the ability to see what you truly look like and those who like it will contact you.

Don’t be a needy person

Too many people contact strangers on dating sites, they get a response and then they flood that person’s message board. If someone responds to you, you should play it cool. Don’t answer right away, or answer and then say that you have to go do something. Make them wait; it’s a lot better than having them think that you’re a needy freak who has nothing better to do than to sit and chat for hours at a time. Show them that you have a life and they will definitely want to get to know you better.

Celebrities Spotted on Video Chat Sites in 2015

Every year some new celebrities appear on webcam chat sites. It’s an exciting moment for everyone who crosses paths with them. Many people get star struck and have absolutely no idea what to say, while others have regular conversations with the big star celebrities. We bring you a list of the top 5 biggest celebrities to have appeared on chat roulette sites this year. We hope you and enjoy and keep using chat roulette sites; you never know when you might get the chance to chat with your favorite celeb. 

Taylor Swift

taylor swift webcam

The worldwide sensation was spotted on chat roulette sites earlier in 2015. She wanted to engage with her fans and see what they really thought of her music. She pleased many teens and young adults while taking the time to have a short conversation with everyone who recognized her.

Ryan Reynolds

ryan reynolds webcam

The big time movie star was also spotted using random cam sites earlier this year. He first had a disguise on, but as time progressed, he removed it and began chatting with his worldwide fans. Most people state that he is just like any regular guy, he’s really funny and a great person to have conversations with. 

Selena Gomez

selena gomez webcam

Selena Gomez is one of the biggest names in pop music and she definitely has her fair share of fans. When Chatrandom users realized that it was really her, they were star struck. Many young teens were absolutely mind-blown to see to young music artist on webcam. She took the time to get to meet many of her fans and had a really great time doing so.

Justin Timberlake

justin timberlake webcam

The ex-boy band artist turned movie star is still a fan favorite. He appeared on cam sites in March and sparked up a lot of attention. Users didn’t want to ‘next’ him, they just wanted to keep chatting with him for hours. He took about 10 minutes per fan over a 2 hour period, which is amazing. He put a lot of smiles on a lot of faces and definitely grew his fan appreciation.

Chloe Mafia

chloe mafia webcam

Chloe is well known for her appearance on the television show The X Factor. She is also very famous for getting kicked off that show due to cocaine use. However, she turned around and built herself a million dollar webcam business. She was spotted using Chatrandom not too long ago. The celeb was recognized by many viewers and they all had great conversations with her.

How Safe Really are Webcams – We Investigate

Webcam safety is a huge issue these days with more and more horror stories about people getting hacked. So many people have begun fearing their laptops due to integrated webcams to the point of placing a piece of tape over top of it. We decided it was time to investigate in order to figure out just how safe webcams really are. What we found will astonish you so keep reading.

webcam hack

How many webcams get hacked

The amount of webcams hacked every year is not clear because many people don’t even know that they are being hacked, but estimates place it in the hundreds of thousands worldwide. A group of hackers from China called GhostNet was recently reported having hacked over 1000 different webcams within a matter of days.

How they hack your webcam

Using scripts, everyday people with no hacking experience can access your webcam. The scripts are written by professional hackers and just about anyone can simply copy and paste it in order to access a stranger’s webcam. It really is that easy. In fact, there are tons of guides and “how-to’s” available with a simple Google search teaching you how to hack into just about anyone’s webcam.

Keeping your webcam secure

Although it may seem overwhelming, there are definitely ways that you can protect yourself against such hacks. Antiviruses, malware protections, firewalls and all other anti-hacking tools are a great place to start. These prevent unwanted entries into your computer, which essentially blocks hackers from accessing and controlling your webcam.

Your computer’s settings are also important. Don’t place your computer’s security settings at minimal. Even though it may require you entering your password more often, it’s always better to have the highest security settings in place.

Knowing when you’ve been hacked

Most laptop webcams have an indicator light that turns on when your webcam is in use. If you notice that light turning on for no apparent reason, you should be suspicious. Webcam lights don’t turn on unless you open the webcam or access a site that requires webcam use such as cam chat sites.

Things to avoid

Hackers often require you to click on a link in order to access your computer. This could be in the form of an email or even a popup on a website. Always be cautious when opening links that aren’t cleared by your anti-virus software. Also be cautious about opening email attachments. This is a primary way for hackers to gain access ot your computer’s webcam. Use a spam filter to get rid of junk mail and only allow emails that you trust.


In the end, webcams are not as safe as we believe them to be. However, if you use the proper tools and take the proper precautions, you should have nothing to worry about. If you really are worried about your webcam getting hacked, unplug it when not in use if it’s an external webcam or place a piece of electrical tape over it if it’s an internal laptop webcam.

How to Make a Virtual Date Romantic

With so many online dating sites and random webcam chat sites, virtual dates have become a very common thing. Virtual dates should be treated just like regular dates, expect both parties are far away from each other. Although it may seem difficult to make virtual dates romantic, there are definitely ways to you can spice things up a little and win over your date’s heart. Here are some very useful tips on how to make your next virtual date as romantic as a real one.

romantic webcam date

Make Dinner

Making dinner for the other person is incredibly thoughtful. Sure, they won’t be eating the meal, but you can show it to them on webcam and you can eat your own meal in front of the webcam. Although this may seem impolite, it’s actually quite romantic – you just need to know how to go about it. While eating your meal, go into details about how each food tastes, smells and looks. Show the food on the webcam – this will allow the other person to feel like they are right there with you.

Coordinate You Night

Planning ahead of time is a good way to approach virtual dates. A nice way to be romantic is to plan to have the exact same meal. You can start off the date by cooking the same meal on webcam at the same time. Then you can both sit down and eat that exact same thing on cam together. It’s the small things in life!

Go All Out

Don’t get cheap just because the other person is miles away. Get your date some flowers and something sweet like earrings or a necklace. Show what you got through the webcam and then ask for their address so you can send them by mail. It’s a sweet move that will go a long way.

Music in the Background

Using music is very important – with webcam dates, awkward silences can seem to go on forever. By playing music in the background, it takes away from that awkwardness. Avoid playing heavy metal or rap – stick with nice background music that you would hear in restaurants or other public places.

Light Some Candles

Candles are very romantic and even though the person is miles away, they will still be able to see the flames through the webcam. Light up some candles and dim the lights. This will create a romantic setting, which is also one of the most important things to remember. A romantic setting is the first important step to take. Again, you don’t need to do much – just a couple candles and some background music is enough for a romantic setting.

Watch a Movie Together

If you want to really get romantic, have both of you rent a movie (preferably a romantic comedy) and then watch it together. Keep the webcams on and keep talking to each other. You don’t actually have to pay attention to the movie, it just really makes things less awkward if any silences occur. Romantic comedies are also a great way to get girls all mushy and lovey.