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Are you searching for an Omegle alternative? If so, you’re not alone.

Although Omegle precedes Chatroulette by over a year, it has not received the notoriety or following of other roulette chat sites. Leif K-Brooks, an 18 year old from Vermont, is the creator of Omegle, and he has made quite an accomplishment for someone his age.

Omegle, overall, has a very minimal design. But the problem with this design is that the user buttons are placed at inconvenient locations. The screen with the stranger is in the opposite corner as the New/Really/Disconnect button (basically the Next button). In the fast paced world of roulette chat, the Next button should be much more convenient. Not every candidate is going to be interesting, so the quicker you can Next your stranger, the quicker you can get to Miss/Mrs/Mr Right.

Additionally, after so many Next presses the user will receive a CAPTCHA button even further slowing down their experience. This feature alone is the most annoying and the site’s owner could make a substantial improvement by removing this feature. Other chat sites have not included a CAPTCHA and their traffic is just as good if not better.

Look at Shufflepeople for example. Although the roulette site is saturated with excessive advertisements, people keep coming back. Is it because Shufflepeople participants are more interesting than Omegle particapants? Not at all. It’s because the functionality of the dashboard is better.

If you want an Omegle alternative try the roulette chat sites listed below. You can find the appropriate links to the left of this article.


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