BazoocamBazoocam is one of those sites that piggybacked on Chatroulette’s popularity. Although once extremely trafficked, its become some what of an embarrassment.

Bazoocam has lost a majority of its appeal, as well as its traffic. When first introduced to the web, this site became the darling of roulette chat sites for French speaking communities. The atmosphere was almost festive. You could always find interesting people and participate in interesting conversations. But like most other chatting sites, Bazoocam has fallen from grace.

The site had several negative attributes from the start. First, the dashboard is cluttered with ads. Although they aren’t the kind of flashing ads that other sites use, they’re still an eye sore. Second, the site displays the users geographic location. This security issue is probably enough to deter most female participants. Lastly, Bazoocam is a scam and users report signing up to chat with girls and having their credit cards charged even though it says it is free.

According to, Bazoocam get about 30,000 page views per day. I find this statistic to be extremely questionable. It might have received this many users during its peak, but it certainly doesn’t now.

A majority of the users are coming from Morocco, with Belgium finishing a distant second. Unfortunately, most of those users are now only men. The site has over 39,000 Facebook Likes.

If you do decide to give Bazoocam a try, take into consideration the time difference.

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