SpinTheCam or PayTheCam

Spinthecam combines web cam chat with monetary incentives. Users, specifically attractive females, are rewarded for participating in web cam chats and other activities. But be forewarned, the emphasis on paying not chatting.

The owners of this site have put a price tag on everything from communicating to viewing users’ pictures. In fact, anything of interest will cost something. The site should have been called, “Give Me Your Money” or “Pay Up Sucker” or may be even more appropriately, it should have been called “Pay the Cam”.

Although the whole concept of paying piecemeal to communicate with someone seems absurd, the site claims to have paid out over $677,995. How much of this is part of the $10 credit new users get for joining isn’t clear. I would imagine that a large part of that payout includes the new user credit.

Just my two cents, but this type of web cam chat and overall marketing behavior shouldn’t be endorsed. I feel uncomfortable even providing a review and a link to the site.

But if this type of web cam chat still sounds appealing, you can find them at: http://spinthecam.com/