Airtime Social Network

Sean Parker has decided to create another social networking site. He and a few other investors, including Ashton Kutcher, are creating a new webcam/social network site.

The site, named Airtime, is intended to give live roulette chat time to upcoming musicians and other talent. Although they are not forthcoming on the specifics, Airtime will resemble Chatroulette in that it will air random video cams of various talented people. The creators of Airtime have promised to “smash” together users, what ever that means.

But the problem is that YouTube is already the preeminent showcase for new talent or anything of notoriety. The idea of a live video feed is not enough of a gimmick to bring in hords of new viewers. And for the musicians, I can’t see any benefit to playing live.

As previously mentioned, about five months ago, Sean Parker had also promised a revolutionary new video chat site , called Supyo, that subsequently never materialized. Millions were also pumped into that venture.

Hopefully Airtime will be more successful.

Their web site isn’t developed yet, but you can get status updates on their Facebook wall: