Although not a web cam chat site, ElChat proves to be entertaining nevertheless. The site was obviously created for Spanish speakers. And surprisingly, for just text based chat, it has a lot of active users. According to Alexa.com statistics, the site currently receives over 1,000,000 monthly users.

The worst thing about the site is that its owners have put a lot of emphasis into cramming ads all over the home page. You can evade these ads by choosing the “Nuevo Chat,” the new chat. Another browser will open to the new chat window. But with this option users will have to register to continue.

Chat rooms such as “Amor” and “Amigos” are listed alphabetically. Only 100 people are allowed in each room. So sometimes duplicate rooms are created to accommodate the late participants.

ElChat is different from most other web cam sites. It’s solely a text based chatting site. Neither the users’ profiles, nor their images, are displayed. An icon simply shows if the user is male or female. So you must request a private session in order to get more information from your chatting partner.

Text based chatting seems old fashioned, but surprisingly elchat.com provides something new and refreshing from the predictable video chat.

Try it at http://elchat.com