Omegle Roulette Chat

Omegle was one of the first popular roulette chatting sites on the internet. It was online even before Chatroulette.

Recently, Omegle updated its user dashboard. They did away with the annoying  disconnect limitations. Previously, a user could only next a few partners and then they would have to enter a code into the CAPTCHA box. This got really old, really quick.

But they’re a little late in appeasing roulette chat defectors. And like most other web cam sites, they’ve inflated the amount of online users. I noticed that they showed over 16,000 participating users, but most of the video feeds were blank. Clearly there aren’t enough users participating on this site to make it interesting.

Additionally, the flashing advertisement is enough to drive even the most patient user to Omegle’s competition.

If you still need to judge the experience for yourself, then visit:

2 thoughts on “Omegle Roulette Chat

  1. No thanks, I already used Omegle and I am never going back again. I think their slogan, “Talk to No One” suits them well because after the disconnection problem in their chat site, you are left with no one to talk!

  2. What an honest review! You can rarely see a straight to the point review nowadays, but this one is just plain honest-to-goodness facts! I was searching for a new chat site to be installed, and when I saw that you have a review about Omegle, I have to read if it would be one of those kiss-ass reviews, but I was wrong! This review said it all. The ads was very annoying, and the disconnection issue is a pain in the neck. I used Omegle before and it’s really not one of the best chat sites in the internet.

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