As far as roulette chatting goes, WocChat really doesn’t offer anything new. It has the standard features including, the start, next, and send buttons. But this site is one of the top roulette web cam sites on the internet.

What separates WocChat from the competition is the speed of their software and the numerous active users.

Even the roulette chat king, Chatroulette, can’t match the ‘next’ speed of WocChat. With WocChat you can rapidly next unwanted users. But unlike Chatroulette, you will need to next a lot of these users. They don’t have the algorithms that Chatroulette has put in place.

Day or night, numerous users can always be found on WocChat.

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  1. I guess this proves that simplicity and quality always win the game! what’s the use of having so many features on the site when there’s constant problem in the speed and connection. I think, this is what people are really looking for and wocchat delivered!

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