Unlike most other chatting sites, Stickam has tried to separate itself from the competition by promoting a sense of community. This vision has paid off, because they now have the largest amount of active live webcam users on the internet.

The site contains both professional and amateur video streams. It’s common to see radio broadcasters promoting their stations. Other heavyweights like MTV and the Travel Channel also use the venue for self-promotion. But it’s the individual web cam users that make up the bulk of participants.

Stickam offers two flavors of chatting. They have a social chat, where multiple users communicate. And recently they’ve made an effort to take some of Chatroulette’s traffic by offering roulette chat. Unfortunately, this feature has failed miserably. You would be lucky to find five people using the roulette chat option at once.

This site has a dedicated following. And according to Stickam’s analytics, users spend an average of 20 minutes chatting on the site. See why so many people use the site and visit Stickam.