Holographic Webcam


It’s been said that science fiction writers envisage unimaginable product years, if not decades, before their existence. And if that has any merit, the holographic projections of Star Trek and Star Wars could become a household staple in the form of holographic webcams.

Today’s webcams have made great technological advances. HD technology is now a standard feature for video feeds. The quality of today’s cams allows for pictures taken in excess of 10 MP. Additionally, 3D webcams are now passe.

And the near future of webcam technology, some claim, will include the hologram webcams.

Consumers won’t have access to these types of products for probably another six or seven years. The problem is that the current holographic technology cannot exceed the maximum refresh rate of 2 frames per second.  Researchers at the University of Arizona have set the 2 second milestone, from a previous refresh rate of one frame every four minutes, in their work on holographic telecommuting.

When this technology becomes available, roulette chat will never be the same.