Minoru 3D Webcam Review

Reminiscent of something out of Star Wars, the Minoru company, based out of Japan, has created the first 3D webcam.

This webcam appears to have a head with two eyes, but the two eyes are actually just two webcams. The webcam works like any other webcam, just plug the cable into a USB port, run the software, and start chatting. The webcam package includes 5 red and blue 3D glasses.

You can run the webcam with your favorite programs like Skype and Windows Live Messenger. Additionally, you can also take still screen shots with the program.

As an avid webcam user, I’m really excited about the application of 3D chatting. But obviously the major drawback to this webcam is that your partner needs to have at least the 3D glasses to enjoy the effects. Without another 3D chatter you just appear kind of creepy sporting 3D glasses.

This would make a great novelty gift, but it shouldn’t be a substitute for a good webcam.

For those of you looking to add a little spice to your roulette chat, consider the Minoru 3D Webcam.

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