Facemoods Expressive Emoticons

If you’ve ever been left wanting more from Facebook emoticons, then Facemoods may provide some added excitement to your social interactions.

Facemoods is a program that allows users to add expressive emoticons to their Facebook Chat. These gifs have many different faces that express different moods… hence the name, face moods. Additionally, they have thousands of expressions to choose.

But before you break out your smiley face to celebrate your new cache of emoticons, you should be aware that there is a catch. No there’s no cost to participate and there’s no registration. The catch is that in order for your emoticon to be seen by other users they will also have to have this program. Otherwise, all the emoticon recipient sees is a bunch of jumbled code.

That’s not a great selling point. But if you and a friend are into emoticons, Facemoods has a fantastic selection.