vChatter Offers Family Friendly Chatting

vChatter is a Facebook app for communicating via webcam. It’s different from other chatting platforms in that users compete against one another to increase their hierarchical standing.

This chatting program is divided into five different floors. All users start at the ground floor, floor 1, and work their way up socially. The program does have random chatting like Chatroulette, but this chat is G-rated.

Following are vChatter’s Communication Levels:

  • Floor 1 vChatter Rookie
  • Floor 2 vChatter
  • Floor 3 vChatter Plus
  • Floor 4 vChatter Pro
  • Floor 5 True vChatter


This chatting app was developed by Indian and American programmers. It has received a large following of Indonesian and Filipino users. As of this writing, over 600,000 users have liked the site on Facebook. But overall, this social app is a popular place for people to communicate with family and friends.