Interest Based Video Chat

Interest based video chatting is attempting to mount a challenge to random chatting sites like Chatroulette. These sites keep popping up, but do they really stand a chance against roulette chat sites?

Video stream companies that use interest based chatting have two inherent goals in their business models.

First, these companies are completely opposed to anonymity. The rationalization is that people who are anonymous will take liberties that may offend other participants. And this isn’t a totally unfounded complaint. Just tune into Omegle or other sites and you’ll see what they’re trying to combat. To these companies randomness means problems.

Secondly, and probably most importantly, these interest based chatting sites are trying to create a niche for themselves. People are obviously interested in communicating via video, so it’s just a matter of trying to create interesting venues to attract more customers.

There’s a huge market for people interested in connecting with strangers via web cam. One such company that is still in the making is Socialeyes. From business based chatting to hobby based chatting, this site will offer a variety of topics.

So how does this site differ from sites like Yahoo Messenger and Google Video? With Socialeyes members can create recorded messages, much like leaving a message on a phone. Additionally, members can also search for complete strangers that have similar interests as their own. They also promise that the clarity of their streaming videos will be above market standard.