Chat Sites That Have Closed

When Chatroulette first became a worldwide sensation in 2010, numerous other roulette chat copycats tried to capitalize on the craze.

Some of these sites, like Chathopper, Shufflepeople, and Bazoocam, initially experienced high web traffic. Unfortunately most of these sites offered nothing new in regards to chatting. People soon became disinterested and the traffic dried up.

And not more than two years since the introduction of numerous Chatroulette alternatives, these copycat sites have begun to close. But it’s not much of a surprise that they’re no longer in business. Most of these sites had limited resources and that was reflected in their site designs.

Where have the hordes gone that once flocked to these random chat sites? For the most part, they’ve returned to Chatroulette or Omegle. Some have gravitated to interest based chatting sites like

Below is a list of roulette chat sites that have closed. And based on the traffic statistics of other competing sites, it will not be long before many others follow suit.

  1. Shufflepeople
  2. Anochat
  3. Chathopper
  4. Jabbercam
  5. Spinthecam
  6. Jaleco