Airtime is Going Live

Airtime has officially released their start date as June 5th. The much anticipated social chat site has gone through several conceptual transformations since its inception.

Initially named SupyoInc, the website is now called Airtime. This new site is a hybrid of Chatroulette and Stickam. Basically it’s purpose is very similar to a site called, but unlike Rounds it’s about four years too late to the party.

It’s been proven that certain companies achieve market dominance when first they’re the first ones in the market. Look at eBay for example. Their name is synonymous with online auctions. Airtime doesn’t really differ much from existing sites, so they probably won’t be able to build huge traffic sources like Rounds or Chatroulette.

But on June the 5th Airtime will go live. Airtime is representing itself as different because management intends to cater to talented musicians. It’s doubtful that this one aspect is enough to keep new visitors coming back.

Additionally, about 5,000 beta users were privy to the site before the official launch date. Their lukewarm reviews don’t bode well for Airtime’s future success.

You can apply for an early application through their site:

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