Funky Random Video Dancing

If you’re familiar with Chatroulette, then you’ve probably been exposed to some of its really weird culture. Who can forget the grown man with a three o’clock shadow, casually lounging about in his unflattering bra and panties? There’s also more than one video of overweight men proudly letting it all hang out. Yuck!

But now a new site harnesses the peculiar behavior of video chatters and tries to make it the norm. A site called Dance Cam Shuffle randomly matches people together for online dancing.

Who thought it could get any weirder?

In all seriousness, this does seem like a fun site. Unfortunately there were not a lot of participants available when I logged on, but the ones that were there seemed to be really enjoying themselves.

The site has three primary areas: The Homepage, The Shuffle, and Dance Video Uploads. You can vote and be rated by other members. These voting statistics are made available to the public on their homepage.

One major drawback to the system is that the shuffle is constant. You can’t stop and dance with someone who you like. But this is only a minor issue, and the overall experience is a positive one.

If you think you got some decent dance moves, then record yourself and share it in the Dance Video Uploads section. But if you aren’t talented don’t let that stop you. It hasn’t stopped a lot of the other members.

You can start your communal dancing at:

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