Top 5 Chatroulette Alternatives for 2013

Every single year new Chatroulette websites emerge and older ones die out. Knowing which Chatroulette alternatives are ‘hot’ and which are not will allow you to quickly find where people are at. Here is a compiled list of the top 5 Chatroulette alternatives in 2013.


1) ChatRandom

The hottest Chatroulette alternative in 2013 is without a doubt ChatRandom. For years, ChatRandom has been trailing behind Chatroulette by just a few thousands visitors, but now that Chatroulette has added many rules, ChatRandom has taken over. ChatRandom lets you do what you want with whoever you want online which makes it a great alternative to Chatroulette.

ChatRandom has no rules about nudity which makes it a great choice for everyone. Those who are looking for adult fun won’t be banned and those who are looking for decent conversations are also welcome. This all around video chat platform makes it easy to find what you’re looking for due to the large amount of available features.

You can choose from a number of options such as chatting randomly with people from all over the world, chatting with girls only, chatting with gay people only or even entering chat rooms for more precise niches of conversations. The new innovative cam4 chat feature lets you chat with 3 other cams simultaneously.

Constantly integrating new features, without over 50,000 users online at all times and have no rules to abide by makes ChatRandom our number 1 best Chatroulette alternative in 2013.


2) DirtyRoulette

DirtyRoulette is definitely one of the largest Chatroulette alternatives of the year. It has come a long way and has attained a constant amount of users throughout 2013. Every time you visit DirtyRoulette you will see that there are over 40,000 users online. This makes it easy for you to connect with other regardless of the hour.

Since this is one of the largest adult only Chatroulette alternatives, you have to expect to see lots of nudity. If you’re looking for adult video chat sessions then this should be your number one choice. Although ChatRandom is the number one on our list, DirtyRoulette focuses solely on pleasing adult cam purposes.

No rules allow you to experience the best out of webcam chatting online. DirtyRoulette provides you with cool and useful features such as being able to view webcams of girls only. For men, this is a huge plus. Not having to browse through male genitalia is a huge perk that DirtyRoulette makes easily available.


3) Omegle

Omegle is one of the oldest random video chat sites on the internet having been launched in 2008. It has also been long known as being the number one competitor of Chatroulette. Although better sites such as ChatRandom have emerged since then, Omegle still remains the 3rd best Chatroulette alternative in 2013 for its amazing functions and the vast amount of visitors.

Omegle does have rules and that takes it away from the number one spot since you can’t get nude or experience adult pleasures with other individuals. The monitored section will ban any users who do so. However, they do provide users with a section of non-monitored chat rooms so that you can get nude with other adults.

You can easily choose between either a text only or a webcam chat session when opening up the Omegle services. Also, one of the additional perks of using Omegle is that you can add unique interests into a text box and Omegle will scan the other users to bring you a perfect match. This allows you to better pinpoint the exact type of person that you’re looking for online.


4) Gaypage

Gaypage is for a specific niche only, yet it does deserve to have its spot on our list of top 5 Chatroulette alternatives for 2013. This video chat website has become the best gay Chatroulette alternative on the internet. With thousands of users online at all times and several unique features to choose from, you will definitely enjoy your stay at Gaypage.

Among the unique features offered at Gaypage includes sections for sex talk only. The sex cams section allows you to find gay men who only want to have adult adventures. All of the men on this website are willing to have adult pleasures so you can have a great time.

You can also choose to have random cams pop up rather than going to specific sections. Other sections such as live boys and shows that boys put on for multiple people at once are also available. This is without a doubt the best gay Chatroulette alternative in 2013.


5) ChatrouletteSites

ChatrouletteSites has grown in its short existence to become one of the largest Chatroulette alternatives of 2013. Although this website isn’t directly a cam video chat site, it links you to dozens of the very best sites available on the internet. The creators of this website have definitely done their homework in order to bring you only the best Chatroulette alternatives online.

With thousands of monthly visitors, ChatrouletteSites deserves is spot on our list of top 5 Chatroulette alternatives because it brings you all you need for online video chats. The quality of these sites are superb and you can even access them without ever having to leave the main website.

The sites brought to you from are the fastest loading sites, the sites with the most visitors, the sites with the most useful features and all other benefits that you may be looking for. even brings you specific niches sites like those that are mainly Spanish speaking individuals or cams for USA residents only. You have a large variety of G rate Chatroulette alternatives as well as adult only alternatives making the 5th on our list of best Chatroulette alternatives in 2013.