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Laptops or Desktop Computers – Which are best for Video Chat Sites

It is safe to say that in recent years, laptops have overtaken desktops as the preferred way of going online. However, desktops can still be found in many homes as the ‘family’ or ‘main’ computer, with each member of the family also owning a personal laptop. The growth of video chat sites has led to thousands of people switching on their webcams and connecting with strangers around the world. Some people like to use their laptops whereas some prefer to connect using a desktop computer. Here we explore which is the best for video chat sites:



Laptops have become very affordable in recent years and due to this many people now own one. The design of laptops has also changed, with the majority of them coming equipped with a built-in webcam. This is perfect for using video chat as there is no need to go out and purchase an eternal webcam and you can begin chatting right away. Another great benefit of laptops is the easy maneuverability they provide. It is easy to take your laptop into another room or outside to a coffee shop. You don’t even need a power source to operate a laptop if the battery life is decent. This means laptops can offer great freedom when chatting online.

On the flip side, using a laptop to video chat online can be slightly annoying. The built-in webcams on laptops are usually placed above the screen on the lid meaning if you want to adjust the picture it will interfere with the position of the screen. This can mean you need to adjust your seating position when using a webcam on a laptop. For parents, laptops can also provide a safety headache for young teens using video chat sites. Although you may be happy for them to use a G-rated video chat site, it is easy for a teen to take the laptop to another room when you have your back turned and go on an adult video chat site without your knowledge.



Desktops remain quite popular even with the rise of laptops. Many people keep a desktop in their house due to the fantastic specifications available for a more reasonable price. Of course, desktops don’t come with a built-in webcam, but this presents an opportunity to purchase a HD webcam which can enhance you video chat experience. Webcams are very reasonably priced these days and purchasing a decent quality webcam shouldn’t set you back a lot of money. Having an external webcam can also make the chat experience easier as adjusting the webcam doesn’t affect the positioning of the screen. It is also much easier to keep an eye on a young teen who is using a desktop than it is when they’re using a laptop.

The downside to desktops is the lack of maneuverability. If you’re in the middle of a great conversation with a person you’ve met on a video chat site, you can’t move over to the coach or into another room to get more comfortable while continuing the conversation. Being stuck in the same position can become tiresome after a couple of hours.


If you want maneuverability and quick access to video chat sites via a built-in webcam then go for a laptop. However, if you’re concerned about parental safety and want a more stable webcam the desktops are the best option.

Top 3 Ways to Detect a Fake Webcam

When chatting to a stranger online, be it using a random cam site, video chat software, or any other kind of webcam chat, it is important to know that the person you’re chatting to is genuine. Fake webcam software is widely available online and can be downloaded for free meaning everyone has easy access to it and can create a fake webcam feed. Although many people use this to display a funny video or as a prank, some of the people using fake webcam software are dangerous.

A fake webcam feed could actually be perverted men using a video of a younger guy to try and get girls to show for them. They could then record your webcam and use the footage to bribe you. It is also common for people to use fake webcam feeds of girls to try and extort money from you. Being aware of ways to detect a fake webcam can help keep you safe online. The best way to do this is through interaction and here are the 3 best methods of detecting a fake webcam:

Ask Them to Do Something Specific

Asking the person on cam to do a certain action should help you confirm if the feed is genuine or fake. Don’t make the action too easy such as waving or making the peace sign as many people have these actions recorded in their fake stream. Make it a unique request, such as an action that uses both of their hands or their surroundings. You could ask them to do a couple of things in a row if you are still unsure. If the webcam feed is fake it will be obvious as the person you’re watching won’t be able to perform the task you have set them.

Get Them to Make a Sign

Another great way to detect a fake webcam is to get them to make you a sign with your name on it and a specific comment below. If they make an excuse as to why they can’t do this, you should be on alert. If the feed you’re watching is fake there is no way they’ll be able to complete this task. A real person might have a genuine excuse, but, the majority of real people will have access to a pen and a piece of paper to quickly scribble down your name and a comment.

Ask Them to Talk On Their Mic

If the person you’re chatting to has a microphone it is very easy to tell if they are fake or not. If the person is talking and the sound matches the video, they’re displaying appropriate emotion, and they’re visibly speaking through their mic then you can be assured that they’re real. However, if a person has a poor excuse for not having a mic such as they lost their mic, the mic is broken, or their mic doesn’t work then be on alert. If they have little emotion and aren’t reacting to what you are saying then the chances are the webcam feed is fake.

Teens Exploring with a New Way to Escape from Reality – Random Cam Sites

The life of a teenager is tough, really tough, and as people go through puberty the desire to escape from reality is strong. Think about how hard life as a teenager is, especially in today’s modern world with the pressure to do well in school, make friends, look good, and of course all this while puberty is making those few years extremely uncomfortable for your body. The pressure placed upon a teenager by society and their peers’ means that the majority of teens explore many ways of escaping from reality, from reading to watching TV, but with the rise of easy access online many now find that the internet provides the perfect escape.


The internet is still in its infancy and this generation of teens are among the first to have grown up with constant access to the online world. This offers teens a whole new way to escape from the trials and tribulations of going through puberty, something none of the preceding generations had. For example, playing a MMO game provides the perfect opportunity to create a new persona and act out a fantasy that is far from the reality of everyday life. Doing this is no different to previous generations creating a fantasy world in their back gardens and pretending to be an astronaut or a princess.

Although playing games online or using social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter can provide a way to forget about life for a little while, these can also have their pitfalls. Playing a MMO game online can become quite tiresome after a while and can be a very one dimensional way of having fun online. Similarly, social media sites can be the perfect escape from your family and a great way to communicate with friends, but when going on Facebook or Twitter you will still come into contact with people you know. This isn’t truly escaping from reality and so now teens are exploring new ways in which they can forget about life for a little while.

When teens want to escape, they want somewhere they can be anonymous, have fun, flirt and explore their personalities. There is a service which provides this and it is currently on the rise. That thing is random cam sites. Using a random cam site provides all the ingredients needed to escape the drudgery of everyday life experienced by teens and these sites are becoming increasingly popular. More and more teens are using these sites as a fun way to meet new people, express their views freely and interact with people from all over the world.

When you see how popular random cam sites are becoming, sites such as Chatrandom have 60,000 users online at any given time, it is easy to see why teens are using them to escape from reality. It is the simplicity of these sites which is attracting more and more teens. They simply navigate to the random cam site, allow access to their webcam, press start and they are chatting to a random stranger. It is the perfect arena for an unpopular teen to recreate themselves and gain confidence or a teen who is feeling pressure from exams to share a laugh with a stranger. Teens are always seeking a new and easy way to escape reality and random cam sites are providing it.


Top 3 Chat Rooms Celebrities Like to Use

Celebrities love using random video chat sites because it gives them the ability to become normal people. When using video chat sites, celebrities get to chat with strangers and fans in one on one conversations without having to deal with paparazzi. Without the press following them everywhere, they can let loose and have some good old fun online. Most celebrities tend to use the same video chat rooms; we want to share some information about each one of those chat rooms so that maybe you too can meet a celebrity online.


Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 6.46.19 PM

One of the most common cam sites where celebrities enjoy hanging out online is Chatrandom. Chatrandom is the largest and most well-known random video chat site on the internet. This is one of the reasons why most celebrities know about it. However, Chatrandom has tons of benefits that other video chat sites don’t have which is why celebrities enjoy using it. For instance, you can video chat with up to 4 other people at the same time, you can chat with only boys or only girls and you can even choose which country you want to meet people from. You never know who you’ll meet at Chatrandom.


Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 7.30.31 PM

Omegle is one of the oldest random cam sites online and this is one of the reasons why celebrities enjoy using it. Many people know about Omegle because of the funny videos that have been posted on YouTube. Omegle has a large user database with thousands of online users at al times and although it doesn’t have as many features as Chatrandom, it’s still a pretty good video chat site. When using this video chat site you can choose to chat with people according to specific interests, which is another reason why many celebrities enjoy using it.


Although Chatroulette has been declining in popularity quite rapidly over the past couple of years, this site has still had it’s fair share of celebrities. Chatroulette became a household name overnight and everyone seemed to be talking about it back in the day. Being the first random cam site to have ever existed, Chatroulette definitely caught the curiosity of numerous celebrities. Paris Hilton, Ashton Kutcher and Justin Beiber are just a few of the big names that have been spotted online. However, if you’re searching for celebrities online today, your best bet is to choose Chatrandom or Omegle.