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Celebrities Spotted on Video Chat Sites in 2015

Every year some new celebrities appear on webcam chat sites. It’s an exciting moment for everyone who crosses paths with them. Many people get star struck and have absolutely no idea what to say, while others have regular conversations with the big star celebrities. We bring you a list of the top 5 biggest celebrities to have appeared on chat roulette sites this year. We hope you and enjoy and keep using chat roulette sites; you never know when you might get the chance to chat with your favorite celeb. 

Taylor Swift

taylor swift webcam

The worldwide sensation was spotted on chat roulette sites earlier in 2015. She wanted to engage with her fans and see what they really thought of her music. She pleased many teens and young adults while taking the time to have a short conversation with everyone who recognized her.

Ryan Reynolds

ryan reynolds webcam

The big time movie star was also spotted using random cam sites earlier this year. He first had a disguise on, but as time progressed, he removed it and began chatting with his worldwide fans. Most people state that he is just like any regular guy, he’s really funny and a great person to have conversations with. 

Selena Gomez

selena gomez webcam

Selena Gomez is one of the biggest names in pop music and she definitely has her fair share of fans. When Chatrandom users realized that it was really her, they were star struck. Many young teens were absolutely mind-blown to see to young music artist on webcam. She took the time to get to meet many of her fans and had a really great time doing so.

Justin Timberlake

justin timberlake webcam

The ex-boy band artist turned movie star is still a fan favorite. He appeared on cam sites in March and sparked up a lot of attention. Users didn’t want to ‘next’ him, they just wanted to keep chatting with him for hours. He took about 10 minutes per fan over a 2 hour period, which is amazing. He put a lot of smiles on a lot of faces and definitely grew his fan appreciation.

Chloe Mafia

chloe mafia webcam

Chloe is well known for her appearance on the television show The X Factor. She is also very famous for getting kicked off that show due to cocaine use. However, she turned around and built herself a million dollar webcam business. She was spotted using Chatrandom not too long ago. The celeb was recognized by many viewers and they all had great conversations with her.

4 Tips to Let Loose on Cam Chat Sites

Going crazy on webcam is all about having a blast and not caring what people think about you. It’s important for us to let loose every now and again and with video chat sites that becomes easier than ever before. You no longer have to worry about what people think about you because you most likely won’t ever see them again. Use video chat sites to become the person that you never want to be in front of others. Use video chat sites to let loose and become the person that you are when nobody is looking. Here are 4 tips to let loose on cam chat sites without feeling bad and without lacking confidence.


Put Some Music On

It’s always easier to let loose when you have some good tunes on. Play your favourite music; whatever genre that is. If you enjoy the music that’s playing the background, you will most likely feel it’s a lot easier to let loose on cam. Get up and dance, head-bang or groove to the tunes. It doesn’t matter how badly you dance; just do it. The people who meet you on cam will think it’s awesome that you have so much confidence and since they will most likely be miles away from you and have no way of contacting you, you shouldn’t have any reason to hold back.

Dress Up

By dressing up, I don’t mean you have to wear a Halloween costume. However, wearing something that you normally never wear in public is a good way to let loose and become someone that you’re not. If you feel like wearing a suit, but you never wear one in public, why not give it a try on webcam. If you feel like wearing booty shorts and showing off some skin, but you normally don’t do so in public, why not do it on cam? Dressing up is awesome and it’s a great way to let loose on cam.

Talk With an Accent

Ever wanted to fool people into thinking your British? Ever wanted to give that Australian accent a try? Now’s the best time ever because with random chat sites, nobody will ever know whether or not it’s real. Give all of your favourite accents a try and try fooling people into thinking that you’re from a completely other region of the globe. It’s fun and funny to see how people get into it.


Everybody loves to sing when they’re alone; it’s a given fact. Singing is a part of what makes us human. Although most of us sing when we are alone, very few people build up the courage to sing in front of others. Forget about the people that are watching you on cam and sing away. It doesn’t matter how many notes you miss or how badly you sound; just let loose and have the time of your life!

3 Creative Ways to Make Money Through Video Chat

With the multiple video chat sites available to use online these days, it’s easy to get creative and come up with news ways to make money. Most of you probably never even thought of video chat sites as ways to make money, but then again; there’s always a way to make money out of every situation. We have compiled a list of the best most creative ways to make money through video chat sites. Take a look and see if there are some that you would like to give a try!


Find a cause and go all out

Fighting for something is huge these days. Whether you’re fighting to help breast cancer patients, leukemia patients or even if you’re fighting for men with hair loss issues, people like to see you help out others. In such a cold and distant world, helping out others brings us back to reality and allows us to feel better about ourselves. So find a cause that you would like to support and then go cam to cam asking for people to donate money, just like you would go from door to door in real life. Make it interesting though; if you’re collecting funds for lung cancer patients, dress up as a huge lung or as a broken cigarette.

Aim for small donations

Asking people to hand over hundreds of dollars is stupid. If you want to make money, try and get pennies per person. There are millions of people who use video chat sites every single day; by getting every one to send you just a couple of pennies every single time you meet someone, you could make a very good income. Get creative; dress up as a genie and tell people that you will grant them one wish for every 50 cents they send you through PayPal. You could always wear a sign that has your PayPal ID and says that you’re a virtual wishing well; throw a penny into my account and your wishes will become true. Heck, even if just a thousand people do it, you’ll still be making a few dollars.

Making people laugh goes a long way

Laughter is very important if you want to make money on video chat sites. Creepy people scare users away and boring people get “nexted” immediately. You want to make them laugh so that they stick around for a chat. If you can actually make them react in a very funny way, you could even record the video chat session and then post it on YouTube. You never know how many people will want to check out your videos. Many people who have done this have received millions of hits on YouTube, making them YouTube sensations.



New Arrivals in the Random Cam World

It’s been an important month in the random cam industry as 3 new potentially successful websites have made their entrance. Although hundreds of new random cam sites are launched all year round, only a handful of them actually have what it takes to make it. After taking a look at the 3 websites, we can certainly say that these sites are here to stay. Below is a brief overview of each one of the 3 sites that are worthy of trying out.



Among the newest arrivals in the random cam industry is This new concept brings you random cam chat rooms where you get the feeling that you’re back in the AOL old-school chat rooms, but with the ability to use your webcam. It’s a unique twist that makes for a really great experience.

If you enjoy chatting with numerous people simultaneously, you will love Instachatrooms. You begin by choosing the room that suits you the best. You get to pick between a variety of chat rooms such as lesbians, no strings attached or even a room dedicated for couples. You’re then brought straight into the chat room that you chose where you can text chat with all of the other online users.

Instachatrooms brings you the ability to use your webcam in chat rooms which is seemingly unprecedented. You can view as many webcams of other users as you want simultaneously which makes this group chat experience much more pleasant. As a new arrival, we see Instachatrooms succeeding rapidly and our vision for this sight is slowly becoming a reality as their amount of online users is constantly on the rise.



The ability to share your webcam with numerous other users at the same time is growing. This type of group chat is often associated with the word Cam4. LiveCam4 brings you a unique touch of the Cam4 experience while also incorporating something entirely different. When using LiveCam4 you get to share your webcam with up to 4 other strangers, and all of those 4 people can also each other’s webcams.

Basically, you and 4 other people all get to see each other’s webcams making this the ultimate type of video group chat environment on the internet. It’s a great way to break the ice and get rid of awkward silences that often happen with one on one chats. LiveCam4 has a simple to use interface which is the best way to keep things easy while still providing users with something new.

If you’re the type of person that enjoys meeting lots of new people in shorts time spans, LiveCam4 is the best option for you. We see this new concoction going far and although there are few users online because of this site’s young age, we see its real potential and we believe it will keep on growing.



Every so often, a website that is incredibly useful pops up; Cam4Sites is just that. Cam4Sites doesn’t provide you with anything new. However, it brings you a constantly updated list of the Cam4 alternatives. If you enjoy group chatting on the internet, Cam4 sites are your main type of random cam site. Finding the best of the Cam4 alternatives just got a lot easier with the addition of

When opening Cam4Sites you immediately see the list of the top 10 Cam4 alternatives. Upon clicking on one of those links you are redirected to a web page within Cam4Sites that allows you to use that Cam4 alternative from within the Cam4Sites website. This allows you to enjoy all of the alternatives without ever having to leave

You also get a brief overview of each site along with tips on how to use that specific site to your advantage. Although they don’t have their own unique random cam feature, Cam4Sites is definitely one of the sites to watch.