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Newly Weds Tell Their Story About How They Met on

How many of you have ever thought you’d find the love of your life through a webcam video chatting service? Now, how many of you have ever imagined marrying someone you met on cam?  This is something that does happen yet most people view it as being “odd” or “out of the ordinary”. Fortunately, not everyone thinks of love over the internet this way. In fact, Chatrandom recently shared the story of how a couple thanked them for giving them the ability to meet online. We wanted to share their story with you in case you missed it over at Chatrandom’s blog.

The story starts with a man from Germany named Thomas who was feeling lonely and depressed. He had been searching for his one and only soul mate for years, but was never able to find the one. He then began using Chatrandom on a regular basis simply to pass his spare time. Being a single man on the edge of giving up on love, he preferred staying home at night to spend some quality time with complete strangers.

Little did Thomas know, he would soon come across the girl he would someday marry. Adrianna, a girl from Poland appeared on his screen after pressing the infamous ‘next’ button one night. It was love at first sight and before they knew it they had been talking on Chatrandom for over 3 hours. Adrianna and Thomas shared laughs, they exchanged stories and they even gave each other their Facebook details so that they would never lose each other. They knew that it was a match made in heaven.

Thomas and Adrianna kept in touch by chatting on Facebook every day for numerous weeks before Thomas had enough courage to fly on over to Poland to meet Adrianna in person. Their love only grew stronger and they sealed the deal by getting married in June of 2013. Thomas and Adrianna are still married to this day and they personally thanked Chatrandom for giving them the chance to meet online. Without Chatrandom, they would still be two lonely souls waiting for their significant other.

This short story that was shared by Chatrandom just a few months ago shows just how useful video chat sites can truly be. Not only can you have a great time and spend some time by surfing through random cams, but you can also have life-changing experiences. Meeting the love of their life definitely was life-changing for Thomas and Adrianna. Whether you’re looking for love, friendship or even if you want to get help with problems that you may be facing, video chat sites can truly give you what you’re looking for.

We’d like to end this post by congratulating Thomas and Adrianna on their marriage and also to thank them for sharing their unique story with us!

Top 3 Sites to Find Chatroulette with Only Girls

Chatroulette sites normally have more men than women online and finding sites like Chatroulette with only girls isn’t always easy. Fortunately for you we have compiled a list of the best girl only Chatroulette alternatives on the internet. Here is the list of the top 3 girl only sites on the internet.

1) Chatroulette Girls Logo

Chatroulette Girls brings you an environment that is suitable for straight men. Because you don’t have to worry about going through tons of cams with boy genitals, you can easily go from one cam to another without being disgusted. Chatroulette Girls brings you stunningly beautiful girls that are all willing to have some adult fun. If you want to meet a girl for a simple conversation or even if you want to go that extra mile and have some adult pleasures, Chatroulette Girls has what you’re looking for.

The amount of users online at any given moment is incredible; you can find tens of thousands of users online at all times. This makes it easy for you to know where to go when you want to have adult fun with women. Best of all, the thousands of girls online are there for the sole purpose of having sexual adult fun.

The features of being able to control your cam and audio make it easy for you to adapt the sound and video output or input. With fast bandwidth speeds, you can rapidly go from one cam to the next without having to experience a lag. If you’re looking for an adult only fun time with only girls, try out Chatroulette Girls and you won’t be disappointed.


2)  Chatrandom Girls Logo

Chatrandom has made a name for itself over the past few years and is now one of the largest Chatroulette websites on the internet. Now it brings to you a new section called Chatrandom Girls. This new section allows you to browse through thousands of cams at all times without ever having to fall upon a cam with guys on it.

This very popular adult Chatroulette alternative is made available to you at no cost. With no rules about nudity or sexual behaviors, you will never have to worry about getting banned from this girl cam website. In fact, most of the girls on this site are there for having adult sexual fun with you which makes it a great solution for men who want to have virtual fun.

Many Chatroulette alternatives have bad connections and lag every time you go from one cam to the next. However, Chatrandom Girls has incredible connection speeds allowing you to rapidly browse through thousands of girls on cam without the wait. Best of all, the girls on these cams are all real and ready to have a great time with you.


3)  Slut Roulette

Slutroulette is the last on our list of girl only Chatroulette alternatives, but it definitely deserves to be mentioned. With live girls waiting to interact with you at all hours of the day, you will always find someone to pass the time with.

This well-known only girl website is definitely a pleasure for all men because the girls take the time to interact with you one on one. You don’t have to worry about talking with ‘fake’ women in front of their cams because all of the girls on Slutroulette are 100% real girls.

You can instantly begin your conversations with these women by clicking on the start button and with incredibly rapid bandwidth speeds you can go from one cam to the next without having to wait long amounts of time. Visit their link now and see for yourself how amazing this girl only Chatroulette alternative truly is.

How to Talk to Girls on Chatroulette

Alright guys, the verdict is in. Girls on Chatroulette find the guys on Chatroulette boring.

And who can blame them. I find it amazing that so many guys sit around holding up their heads with their hands. Or they just come across being outright creepy while they lay in bed. The odds are against men when it comes to available females, so take every opportunity to decrease your chances of getting “nexted”. And keep in mind that non verbal communication can be just as important as what you say verbally.

Talking to girls on Chatroulette can be difficult for some. Unfortunately there’s not one single line or action you can do to get someone to like you. Women have diverse likes. So you will have to try different approaches to determine which is the most successful. Although this sounds really insensitive, trying to meet girls on roulette chats is a lot like marketing. You have to constantly revise your message until you find the one that works with the most consistency.

But the truth is that the impetus falls on the guys to initiate the conversation. If we don’t understand what girls find attractive or interesting, then they won’t stick around.

Here are some tips to get the conversation started:

1. Say something funny.
2. If talented, sing something.
3. Copy and paste a message telling why the person should stay and talk.
4. Tell them that they’re beautiful. Works with some, not with all.
5. Experiment, experiment, experiment.

If you have anything to contribute on how to talk to girls on Chatroulette, then please do.