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What to Expect from the Random Cam Industry in 2014

2013 has been one of the best years thus far for the random cam industry. Big named sites like Chatrandom and Omegle have continued with their success along with implementations of numerous upgrades, design changes and much more. However, this doesn’t mean that you should expect any less in 2014; the following year should be an even better one for most random cam sites on the internet. Although nothing is 100% certain at the moment, here is a glimpse of what should be expected for this new year.

More Mobility

Laptops, smart phones and tablets have made browsing the web on the go a reality. It has become so easy to view websites and use applications from virtually anywhere in the world. However, the random cam industry has not yet become a hit for this type of mobility. Omegle is the only cam site so far that has a mobile friendly version and even that lacks several features. In fact, no cam site has yet been able to allow webcam sharing between random strangers via mobile phones or tablets. 2014 should be the year that this becomes available as many of the big cam sites like Chatrandom are currently developing such technologies.

More Users

Since the original Chatroulette launched nearly a decade ago, the amount of users on cam sites has increased every single year. 2014 will be no exception; like all previous years, the numbers are predicted to increase by as much as 50% for some sites. Milestones will be reached and record breaking amount of online users will be seen. More users online means that you get more choice when choosing who you want to talk with. You’ll have an easier time trying to find the specific type of person that you’ve been searching for online.

More Simplicity

If you can remember back when the very first version of Chatroulette was launched, you’ll certainly know just how far these sites have come along. The first random cam sites were complicated to use, they were very slow and you often needed to fill out sign up forms. The new age random cam sites are easier than ever before and they will only increase in simplicity during 2014. Many of the online cam sites still use sign up forms to remember you and to stay in touch with you. This will become a thing of the past. This year should include added simplicity by having many of those sign up forms removed entirely and replaced with simple sign in tools such as signing in with your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

The Best Mobile Chat Apps …So Far

Video Chat AppAs companies scramble to meet the demands of video mobile chatting, more options are gradually becoming available. That’s the goodish news.

The bad news is that mobile chatting has not yet proved to be very lucrative for some types of chatting, and the rush to produce outstanding apps has not materialized. But don’t despair. Whether you’re an Android or Apple user, there are some existing chatting apps that provide great features.

Video chatting takes several forms. The two most common video chatting services are random chatting and social chatting.

Random chatting, which has proved to be very unprofitable, hasn’t seen much improvement since the introduction of this chatting genre. Omegle is the notable exception and they’ve created an Android app to access their site via mobile devices.

Social chatting on the other hand is big business. And apps related to social services have garnered the attention of savvy entrepreneurs, so there’s plenty of research and development devoted to this category. Here are some of the top contenders in the social video chatting field: