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Paltalk Review

With over 4,000 chat rooms, Paltalk really is an exciting place to be. In fact, these chat rooms cover just about every topic imaginable. From multilingual chat rooms to political chat rooms, Paltalk has a little bit of everything.

So how does Paltalk differ from roulette chat? Paltalk is composed of millions of users and these users communicate within chat rooms. ¬†Users will need to download the software. But it’s a quick process and takes only a few minutes.

What’s really appealing about Paltalk is the diverse topics and diverse people. Paltalk is available internationally, so it offers its software in multiple languages. Additionally, most roulette chat sites heavily promote ads on their platform. Paltalk is ad free.

Users can communicate with limited functions using the free account. One type of limitation is the ability to communicate with a maximum of 10 users.

Paltalk now offers a browser based chat of their video chat software:

Free 7 Day Chat Trial

Paltalk is offering free access to their 4 million users and 4 thousand chat groups.

Let’s face it, most of you are here because you’re looking to talk with someone interesting. Many people, especially women, are put off by the random web chats. So anyone who is looking for an intelligent conversation or the ability to make meaningful friendships are not tuning into most roulette chat sites.

Instead, consider using PalTalk to meet real people. Just keep in mind that other chat site offer similar features and are free. is one example.

Some give Paltalk great reviews while others say the cost not worth it. You’ll have to be the judge. But it’s easy enough to start, just download the software and start chatting.