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Can you Meet the Love of your Life on Cam Sites?

Meeting the one and only is one of the most difficult things to do. Finding the true love can become nerve wrecking and many people tend to lose hope after many failed relationships. Some choose to turn towards online dating sites and some even choose to turn towards random cam sites. Knowing which one is best can truly have a huge impact on how quickly you can meet the love of your life. In order to determine which of these two types of services is the best, we need to take a closer look at both of them.

Dating Sites

Let’s start off by taking a look at dating sites. These sites are normally quite complex; you need to build a full profile which can take hours. You need to fill out an entire biography and even add your hobbies. In most cases, people will judge you because of the information that you’ve entered in your bio. Most people on dating sites will also judge you by your profile picture. If you seem too old, too young, too fat, too skinny, too lonely or even too sad, your chances of finding love on dating sites will be slim to none.

Dating sites only put you in contact with people that live nearby. This truly limits the amount of people that you can meet. Furthermore, most dating sites only have people that are truly desperate. Finally, dating sites are very slow in the sense that you need to send messages to other users and wait for them to respond which can often take days.

Random Cam Sites

Now let’s take a look at the random cam industry when it comes to finding true love. Cam sites don’t require you to build a profile or to spend hours deciding which hobbies you want to place on your profile; you get to start immediately upon opening up the site. This makes it a much faster solution to finding people. You don’t send message, instead you get to talk with random people in real time. This also gives you the opportunity to truly make a great first impression. Rather than judging you by your profile picture, the strangers you meet on cam sites judge you by your personality which is a lot better.

With random cam sites you can quickly go from one webcam to the next. This allows you to meet hundreds of people per hour which is much faster than being able to send roughly 2 or 3 messages per hour with dating sites. Finally, it’s important to note that many people have found love on cam sites. Since you can meet people from all walks of life, it really becomes a limitless way to meet new people.

If you really have to choose between the two, I suggest you go for cam sites hands down!

We Take a Look at the Best Chat Sites in 2014

Every year a bunch of new cam sites launch and they take over the industry. The cam sites that you enjoyed using last year may not be the best ones available in 2014. Knowing which cam sites have the most traffic and which ones have the best features is always a plus. We investigated to determine which cam sites on the internet are doing the best in 2014 and some minor changes have been spotted. Some new additions will blow your mind whereas some best chat sites in 2014 remain the same. Keep reading to find out which sites are still leaders and which new additions are actually worth your time.

  • First off we want to take a look at one of the best new arrivals in 2014. It may shock you, but this site isn’t an actual cam site; it’s a cam site directory. Why are we mentioning it? Simply because it’s the best cam site directory we’ve ever encountered. has hundreds of cam site links and along with each link is a description of the site, pricing information, user reviews and much more. TopCamSites is complete and gives you instant access to all of the leading cam sites on the internet.
  • Next we want to talk about This site has been around for over 3 years now and it has made a big name for itself in 2013. There has been only positive change for this site because the amount of online users is constantly growing and the features are regularly being upgraded. ChatRandom is the best random chat site on the internet in my opinion and you can’t go wrong when choosing it.
  • Now let’s go over to the chat rooms industry; made its appearance in early 2014. This site has tons of potential with hundreds of quality chat rooms to choose from. What makes it so different from all of the other chat room sites? The fact that you can enter support groups for all types of problems makes this site stand out from the crowd. The added benefit of being able to enter webcam capable chat rooms is another huge perk.
  • Finally we walk on over to a site that has been around for a couple of months, yet is getting all of the attention it deserves. is one of the superior adult cam sites on the internet. This adult cam site brings you directly into a webcam enabled site where you can randomly or precisely find cyber-sex partners. Tons of different features make Sexchatster a true gem and a great way to spend a lot of time without getting bored.

Top 5 Online Video Chat Destinations

Chatroulette changed the virtual world back in 2009 when it launched one of the most unique ways to meet strangers on the internet. Since then it has failed miserably, but hundreds of other video chat sites saw the light of day. I want to take some time to share with you all the top 5 online video chat destinations so that you can only get the best experience for meeting random strangers.

  1. The number 1 spot goes to none other than the largest Chatroulette alternative on the web; Chatrandom is one of the oldest Chatroulette alternatives and the many years of experience show through the amazing features this site has to offer. With cam girls, gay cams, group chat and much more, you’ll never have a dull moment while using Chatrandom.
  2. Omegle is another huge Chatroulette alternative which truly deserves the 2nd spot on our top 5 online video chat destinations list. This site has been around for a long time and it even gives you the ability to search for random strangers according to interests. If you want to meet targeted strangers in a random manner, Omegle is a great place to do so. With many years of existence, this site now has thousands of users online at any given moment.
  3. The 3rd spot on our list of top 5 online video chat destinations goes to a newer video chat site; Sexchatster is exactly what it sounds like; a sex video chat site. If you’re addicted to video chat sites and would like to have some virtual adult fun, you’ll fall in love with Sexchatster. This site is the mecca of adult pleasures on the internet. After having your first interactive sex experience at Sexchatster, you’ll never want to go back to watching adult videos ever again!
  4. The 4th spot on our list goes to a G rated video chat site; This site is addictive because you don’t have to browse through tons of male genitalia on cam before finding someone to actually chat with. This site bans users that get naked or act inappropriately making it a clean, fun site. So if you’re tired of browsing through genitals on cam or even if you’re tired of getting flirted on, use Chatrad and you’ll experience video chat in a clean manner.
  5. Last but not least is Funyo made a name for itself by becoming the first video chat site to add user profiles to the mix. This site acts as a mix between Facebook and Chatroulette because it’s a social network that is built around the random cam concept. If you want to be able to add friends to your friends list, browse through user profiles and still get to meet random strangers on cam, you’ll definitely enjoy using

Is the Original Chatroulette Already Dead?

The original Chatroulette launched over 5 years ago was extremely popular for a short while. In fact, it became an overnight sensation which grew at an unimaginable speed. Soon the entire world was aware of this awesome new technology where you could instantly be connected with a stranger that could be half way across the globe or with someone that lives right next door to you. Chatroulette was incredibly popular, but then it slowly died off. On the other hand, the random cam industry which was created through Chatroulette is now stronger than ever before. So is the original Chatroulette already dead, or does it still experience success?

In a sense, the original Chatroulette will forever live on in our hearts. Most people think of Chatroulette when someone talks about cam sites since Chatroulette was the most mediated and popular site available. However, the original Chatroulette is on the verge of dying. At the moment of writing this article, the original version only gets about 5000 users online at any given moment. That’s incredibly small when you compare it to the roughly 60,000 users at any given time on Chatrandom.

What Caused it to Die? shot itself in the leg by placing stupid restrictions and placing virtual boundaries on people that had just found a new type of freedom. This site grew popular due to the virtual freedom that people could have on this site; they could be someone different entirely without ever having to live with the consequences. After removing this freedom, the owner of, Andrey Ternovsky, experienced a huge drop in traffic.

New sites like Chatrandom, Omegle, FunYo and many others began forming and growing stronger than the original version. These sites slowly took all of Chatroulette’s traffic away from them and took over the industry. Today, the few people left on Chatroulette are slowly but surely moving towards the alternatives.

Chatroulette has literally given up after losing all of their traffic to their competition. It has been months since they have released any type of update and nothing has changed on the site in years. While they are not progressing at all, the competition like Chatrandom and Omegle are constantly creating new features. New sites are opening their doors every month and every time a new cam site opens, the original Chatroulette dies a little more.

Sites like Sexchatster,, Streamberry and are bringing new features to the mix which really hurts the original founding site. All in all, it’s fair to say that the original creator of the random cam industry is on its way out while the random cam industry as a whole is constantly rising in popularity.