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Shufflepeople and Greed

Shufflepeople is fast becoming obsolete because of the owner’s exceptional greed. Once the recipient of Chatroulette’s unwanted traffic, Shufflepeople is starting to lose a significant amount of its users.

In an attempt to monetize their site, the Shufflepeople administrators have plastered excessive advertisements on the dashboard. About two months ago the site began running ads on the user’s video feeds. This annoying ad took up about 40% of the screen. The ad campaign appeared desperate on the part of the owners, but they have since attempted to reach further lows.

After running afoul of Google Adsense advertising, the Shufflepeople owners switched to offensive adult ads. The effect was to encourage only clothing challenged users to use their site. It had an immediate impact with female viewers. Women were instantly missing from active chatters. This discouraged other male users from returning to the site.

In conclusion, Shufflepeople has been negatively effected by excessive monetization. It remains to be seen whether the owner will realize his or her mistakes and correct the dwindling traffic problem.