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Tinychat is Bigger than You Think

Tinychat is a social networking site composed of thousands of group video chat rooms. If you remember, video chat rooms were once the staple for online chatting before the advent of roulette chat.

Benefits of Group Video Chat Rooms

Unlike random video chatting, Tinychat offers topic based rooms. Sites like offer random chatting, but the conversation topics are not predetermined. With Tinychat, users can join a group of people with similar interests.

Tinychat’s video chat rooms, in particular, are considered disposable. That basically means that a user can start a chat room then immediately discontinue it when desired. In part, this protects against having to dole out too much personal information to other users. It’s fast and simple. Oh yea, and they have a smart phone app.

The Tinychat app is used on Facebook and receives over 2.4 million active users. This is one of the largest communal video chat platforms on Facebook. They have an impressive following of over 1,400,000 Facebook users.

Additionally, one of the great aspects of this chat site is that one doesn’t have to have any technological experience to start a room. And the chat rooms are browser based, so there’s no download required to get started.