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Tippity Spanish Chat

Poor Tippity. Once the darling of roulette chat for Spanish speakers, it’s now just a relic. You can catch an occasional user on this site, but for the most part, the party’s over.

Why did Tippity fail? It failed to engage its followers. Today the site has the same white boring dashboard it started with. It hasn’t added any new features like drawing abilities, chat forums, or simple emoticons.

In fact, the owners’ of this site started out on the wrong foot. Most roulette chat sites will use a blank screen to represent the chat starting mode. Tippity chose a design that resembles non broadcasting television programs. When a user arrives at the site, they immediately assume that the site is down.

Over 9,000 Facebook users have chosen to Like this site. It’s unfortunate that most of those users have move on to other chat sites. But that’s the way the web works. If a web site owner become complacent, there’s always another site that is more than happy to take their customers.

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