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Impress Worldwide Girls by Playing an Instrument Online

Impressing girls around the world can be difficult due to certain barriers – language, culture etc. However, the ability to play an instrument is a universal language that can be understood regardless of any cultural barriers. No matter what country a girl is from or what language she speaks, being able to play an instrument to a decent standard will be hugely impressive to her. Music seems to have a special effect on girls which makes them melt inside and become putty in your hands. The kind of instrument you play can have a huge effect on how impressed a girl will be and by choosing the right instrument to play on your webcam, you can have a girl fawning over you in no time. The following guide shows which instruments are best to play in order to impress girls online and each is given a score out of 10 for effectiveness.

Acoustic Guitar


Score: 10/10

The acoustic guitar is famous for having the capability to impress girls. This instrument has a reputation worldwide for being able to gain the interest of almost any girl and even having this instrument in your hand can have girls feeling weak at the knees. If you are sitting in front of your webcam holding an acoustic guitar, be prepared for every girl to stop, smile, and do anything to get your attention. Even if you only have the capability of strumming a few notes, girls will fall over themselves to get your attention. If you really want to impress girls to an extreme level, sing a few chords while playing.

Electric Guitar


Score: 7/10

The electric guitar can be a hugely impressive instrument to play if you have friends with you who are playing other instruments. However, if you are playing it alone then it may not have the same effect as the acoustic guitar. Girls are generally impressed by a guitar no matter what type it is, but, an electric guitar may be a tiny bit too noisy in comparison to an acoustic guitar. If you play your electric guitar online, be sure to adjust the volume appropriately so there isn’t lots of static and the noise levels are bearable.

Grand Piano


Score: 9/10

If you have a grand piano at home, girls will be impressed by the sophistication it shows. If, however, you can play that piano to a high standard it is safe to say any girl will be massively impressed. A grand piano will attract a different kind of girl to a guitar. Any girl who shows interest in a piano is bound to be one who has the capability of holding an intellectual conversation as opposed to a girl who is easily impressed by anything they see. This makes the grand piano perfect for impressing girls when you are seeking a relationship.



Score: 7/10

A harmonica may not seem like the most impressive instrument at first glance, however, if played in the right manner it can be hugely impressive to girls. Using a harmonica to express sad emotion can be a huge turn on for girls who will love seeing your emotional side. Playing a sad song on the harmonica while on webcam is guaranteed to get you attention from girl who will want to know what your inspiration is and beg to hear more music. 


8 Ways to Chat With Girls Online

The internet is a hugely social arena with many ways to meet new people. Platforms such as chat sites, social media, and webcam chat sites provide the perfect place to chat with girls. However, there is stiff competition on these sites and knowing how to keep a girl interested is essential. If you are boring or full of cheesy chat-up lines, you might find the girls going to chat with someone else. So, to help, here are 8 ways to chat with girls online:

Have A Unique Introduction

Most girls, especially the pretty ones, would have heard every chat-up line under the sun already. There’s no point using a one-liner that everyone knows as it will turn her off immediately. At the same time a simple ‘hi’ might be a bit boring. The best thing to do is try and come up with a unique opening line to capture the girls’ interest.

Find Out Her Interests First

Before you start talking about things you’re interested in, find out what she likes first and use a common topic for conversation. There’s no point in you droning on about the game last night when she has no interest in it whatsoever. Ask her a couple of questions to gauge what she likes and move the conversation in that direction.

Get Her To Do The Majority Of The Talking

If you get a girl to do most of the talking, she’ll end up talking about what she’s interested in. If you are actively listening while she’s talking, she will feel the conversation is going really well and is much more likely to continue conversing with you. Make sure you’re asking the right questions and encouraging her to talk.

Ask Interesting Questions

This is an important step in getting the girl you’re chatting with to open up a little and talk away. Make your questions interesting by focusing them on her. For example, you could ask her how she got in to her line of work or why she enjoys her hobby so much. This kind of question will give her a chance to tell you a story and get her talking. It will also make her feel more emotionally connected to you as you’re taking an interest in her life.

Act Nonchalant

This is a hard one to do as you don’t want to come across as being bored. However, if you act a little bored and a little amused it will make a girl want to open up more. It is tough to get the combination exactly correct, but, with a little practice you can have girls dying to spill their guts to you,

Show You’re Paying Attention

While the conversation is flowing and she’s chatting away, be sure to show her you’re listening by providing feedback. Little remarks such as ‘hmmmm’, ‘Really?’, or ‘That’s crazy!’ can show her you’re interested in what she has to say. It will also encourage her to keep talking.

Don’t Show Off

A big mistake many guys make when talking to girls is they think exaggerating their achievements will impress them. However, being humble in yourself can actually intrigue girls and make them want to talk with you even more. Add a little mystery when answering questions about yourself and she is guaranteed to stay chatting with you.

Be Calm/Confident/In Control

Finally, it’s important to always remain calm, confident, and in control. Think before you speak and remain articulate and interesting. There’s nothing girls find more attractive than a guy who emanates confidence.


Do Chatroulette Sites Allow You to Have Sex on Cam?

What is it that makes Chatroulette sites so popular? When the original Chatroulette site started out it provided something new – a place you could meet strangers online in a fun way without any restrictions. This lead to a whole host of people setting up their webcam and heading to the site in order to talk to people they have never met before.

sex on webcam

The beauty of the idea was that you never knew who or what would appear on your screen when you hit the next button. It could be a man dressed a Miley Cyrus, a group of girls dancing around, a stream of somebody at work or even a couple wanting to show off their sexual positions. This is what makes random chat so much fun, the fact that the possibilities were endless and exciting. The ability to simply press ‘next’ and see another webcam stream meant that if you didn’t like what you saw for any reason you weren’t obliged to sit there and watch it, you could simply move on.

However, a couple of years ago the original Chatroulette site decided to impose restrictions on what people can and can’t broadcast. This eliminated a major part of the Chatroulette experience, as there was no longer any nudity allowed and people felt restricted about what they could do on their own webcams. It is crazy to think that a site would impose such restrictions on people when the essence of their site was allowing people the ability to express themselves.

webcam sex

Other sites such as Omegle followed suit and banned nudity from their main random chat section leading to a mass exodus of people in search of a rule-free site. If you log on to Chatroulette or Omegle in search of somebody to have virtual sex with or if you are a couple seeking a stranger to watch you enjoy intercourse, your IP address will be banned and you won’t have access to the site.

These moderated sites have written out a strict set of rules which mean the option of doing anything sexual on cam is eliminated. However, due to these restrictions people went in search of alternatives and other Chatroulette sites which have no moderators and no restrictions flourished. People decided they should have the freedom to do whatever they please on their own webcam, including engaging in sexual acts.

virtual sex

All of this has led to sites such as Chatrandom, Dirtyroulette and aFreeChat gaining a huge amount of users and proudly displaying their lack of moderation on the main pages. It is sites such as these which listened to what the users wanted and provided it. These sites now enjoy tens of thousands of users online every day and lead the industry. The majority of Chatroulette sites remain free of restrictions and still allow their users to enjoy the service without the worry of getting banned.

Full Review of aFreeChat – Everything Under One Roof is the latest way to meet and connect with people from all over the world. The site works by connecting you with another user and providing a platform for you to engage with them. There are plenty of options available on the site, making it easy to chat using a cam or just text. In fact, aFreeChat has brought together a whole host of different ways to chat under one roof.

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 8.15.11 AM

The simplicity of the site is part of the appeal, with no signup required and no fees it really is just a matter of clicking on one of the many categories on offer and away you go! If you want to chat with a group of people there are video and text chat rooms available or if you are feeling more adventurous then you can use the random chat feature and see who pops up on your screen!

It is so easy to make new friends, learn about different cultures or even stumble upon a romantic interest on aFreeChat. There is always a huge number of people online at any given time to ensure you will never run out of people to engage with. The site is great fun to use but bear in mind you must be over 18. If you are over the required age then it’s time to decide which chat you want to use:

Video Chat

The video chat room section of the site has thousands of users online at any given time, making it the perfect place to connect with people. Using the video chat couldn’t be simpler, all you need to do to view another person’s webcam is click the icon beside their name in the chat room and a live feed will appear on your screen. You can also customize your avatar and font settings for a personalized experience.

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 8.15.29 AM

Text Chat

If you aren’t sure about appearing on webcam in the video section, don’t fret! The text chat is a classic chat room with users from all around the world online and exchanging ideas, chatting about the latest stories or finding romance. You have the option of logging in as a guest or connecting a social media account such as Twitter or Facebook.

Chat Roulette

This is a great option to meet loads of different people around the world in a fun way. The chat roulette section is partnered with some of the biggest random chat sites meaning there are thousands of people online at any given time. It also makes the odds of bumping into someone more than once miniscule. The random nature of this section provides great entertainment and if you are unhappy with the person you are chatting to simply press next and a new person will appear!


Cam4 is a really cool section that you won’t find on many other sites. It allows you to either broadcast a show or watch other broadcast their show and provides you with statistics of how many people are watching. The more viewers, the higher up the list the broadcast goes, making it like a giant popularity contest! Viewers and broadcasters can interact through a public message feature, creating a fun way to chat with strangers.

Chat Rooms

This section makes it extremely easy to find people who share your interests and connect with them over webcam. There are a huge range of room categories to choose from, allowing you to meet loads of new people quickly. These rooms are great for eliminating embarrassment when chatting as everyone in the room will like the same things as you do. There is also the ability to send private messages to people who you are getting on well with.

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 8.15.23 AM

Gay Chat

This section is similar to the chat roulette section except you will only connect with men. It is a great way to meet like-minded men if you are homosexual, bisexual or bi-curious. There are thousands of men online at all times meaning if you are unlikely to meet the same person twice.

Cam Girls

The cams girls section is extremely popular due to the high number of girls available. It works in a roulette style where you can connect and chat with some of the sexiest cam girls around. The great thing about this section is there is no need to worry about a guy popping up on your screen when you click next as it is girls only! All you need to do is verify your age and the cam girl section is totally free.


aFreeChat is a fantastic site that has brought all the different kinds of socializing methods online together to create the perfect go-to site. With the huge range of sections, it is easy to make new friends and meet new people. The best part of the site is that it is 100% free!