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Why Girls Are Happy with the Term BBW

Big Beautiful Women – the term has been around for several years now; most notably in the adult industries. At first glance, you may think this term is offensive. Calling women big is normally setting yourself up to get slapped in the face. Oddly enough, calling a woman big in the porn industry, when using the term Big Beautiful Women, isn’t offensive at all; it’s more of a compliment. We investigated to find out why that is.


The Word “Beautiful” Makes All the Difference

What we found out while investigating the matter was that calling women Big Women is pretty darn offensive. While spending a lot of time in BBW cam show rooms, we got insulted and banned from the rooms after calling the girls Big Women. Then we tried calling them Big Beautiful Women and everything changed.

The addition of the world Beautiful made a huge impact. Girls appreciate being called beautiful and even with some extra meat on their bones, they view it as a compliment. BBW girls know that they are bigger; it’s why they use the term. But that doesn’t mean they enjoy being called big. Beautiful though, is a great way to compliment a girl.

They’re Proud of Their Weight

We noticed something really interesting during our investigation; BBW girls are proud of their larger weight. They actually enjoy being “Fat” and they view it as sex appeal. We interviewed a few BBW girls and almost every single one of them told us that they found skinny girls ugly. Most of them feel that their larger weight gives them more to love and sexy curves that turn on more guys than not.

Whether BBW girls turn you on or not is entirely up to your own personal preferences, but the important thing to remember is that BBW girls are proud. In fact, we found that most BBW girls are more confident in their bodies than skinny or average sized girls.

Peak Confidence

It was interesting to see just how confident BBW girls really are. We watched a few cam shows featuring average sized girls and many of them lacked the self-confidence that Big Beautiful Women had. BBW girls seem to have peak confidence like no-one else has. Many of them told us that the term BBW has simply provided them with even more confidence.

Don’t Be Afraid to Say BBW

Next time you’re watching a Big Beautiful Woman on webcam, don’t hesitate to mention the term. They love it!

Big Beautiful Women display curves, confidence and sex appeal in their own genre. Even if bigger girls are not your thing, BBW girls will most likely turn you on simply because of the confidence that they display.

Why so Many College Girls are Migrating Towards Online Sex Work

Online sex work has become a 21st century trend for girls all over the planet. This new type of adult entertainment immerses viewers into an incredibly realistic sex experience. It’s like actually having sex but without being able to feel or smell the other person. A huge benefit of online sex work is the pay. Many cam girls get paid more than real life sex workers, which is a leading factor why so many college girls become cam girls online.

sexy college girl

It pays the bills

While many college girls struggle to pay tuition, their bills and even their rent, cam girls don’t have to face those problems. Obviously, not all cam girls make a fortune, but many of them do make a pretty decent living working part time. It’s the best working environment for college girls because you get to pick your own hours. This allows them to study when they have to and work whenever they have free time.

While the pay may be unreliable at times, it’s definitely worth it once you begin getting a few regulars. As your brand grows, more people will watch your shows and eventually, you’ll be raking in huge tips. That’s why so many college girls enjoy working online. They get to have fun and get paid.

They are already doing it – why not get paid

Lets face it, college is a wild time. College life revolves around partying, getting drunk and having awesome sex. Cam shows are pretty much that. Many cam girls bring along friends, get drunk on cam and have a blast. It’s exactly what many viewers enjoy seeing; two or three incredibly hot college girls take their clothes off and chug some shots.

naughty college girls

Out of all the genres of cam girls out there, college girls are the most popular of them all. They are in their prime; they have the best bodies and have the wildest times. They aren’t yet committed and they just want to live.

Bad Reputation

Sure, once word of mouth gets everyone aware of what you do, it could ruin your reputation. But doesn’t affect most college girls because bad reputations come and go in college. Everyone is already getting drunk and sleeping with everyone; becoming a cam girl isn’t a big deal for most college students. Plus, most college girls don’t get into the business for life, they just do it to get through college.

While some college girls work at McDonald’s, others are stripping on cam for loads of money. It’s nothing to be a shamed of since it’s totally safe and clean.

Chat – The Movie That Brings You Into the Life of a Cam Girl

Webcam models are flooding the internet these days with hundreds of new cam sites being launched on a yearly basis. Sites such as TopCamSites brings you lists of the very best cam sites online, making it even easier for you to connect with hot girls just waiting to please you in every way possible. The abundance of cam girls often makes us forget that they are human too. Since these girls are behind a screen and miles away, it’s difficult for us to view them as anything other than robotic creatures that were built to satisfy our desires.

Chat, a movie by Greg Lundgren brings us deep into the world of a cam girl. This movie allows us to connect with the protagonist and really see what the everyday life is like for a cam model. Whether you’re a usual cam user or even if you know someone who cams for a living, you’ll absolutely want to see this movie.

chat greg lundgren

The Movie That Changes Our Vision

Chat takes us into a regular day for a cam girl. The entire movie is just one continuous shot with no setting changes or any real climaxes. Although the movie may seem quite boring at times, it’s actually quite addictive and you just can’t seem to want to stop watching. Just like when watching cam girls, while watching Chat, you will get mesmerized and will probably end up watching the entire thing without noticing the time fly by.

It really brings us a new perspective on cam girls by showing us what an everyday cam girl goes through. This movie may actually change your vision about cam girls and you may feel more incited to tip girls that do a good job.

Chat makes us think twice about what cam girls do and how they are actually just like regular people working a day job. The film is slow to start and slow to end with the main climax being at the very end when the protagonist finally gets a ton of tips and begins putting on her show.

During the film, we notice two guys enter her small apartment and interact with her. It shows us a behind the scenes look at what cam girls do during their day. It also shows us what cam girls might be doing when they leave the webcam for a couple of minutes.

For cam site addicts, this movie is a must-see film. Not only will it change your perspective of cam models, but it also shows you why you should provide lots of respect towards the girls who do this job.

Steps to Becoming a Paid Model Online

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a model? With the internet being such a massive meeting ground for millions of people every single day, there’s no better place to model than online. Cam modeling may not have been in your options before, but as a booming industry, you should definitely consider the perks that this type of modeling has to offer. Lets take a look at some of the major benefits of modeling as a cam girl.


Easy to get in

Becoming a professional cam girl is incredibly easy to do. Many live cam sites provide forms directly on their website that you can fill out and get approved within hours. Once approved, you can normally become streaming your live webcam feed instantly and start making money. Some sites have stricter approval policies, but many sites accept just about anyone.

Great salary

Although you may not make the same amount of money as you would if you were to become America’s Next Top Model, you’ll still make a great amount of money. Top rated and popular cam girls earn six figure salaries. Although you won’t start in that price range, you could definitely work your way up there. The potential is limitless.

Set your own hours

Cam girls set their own work hours. You only work when you feel like it. If you feel like sleeping in and only want to work during the night, you can do just that. Viewers are online 24/7, so you can literally work whenever you feel like it.

80% talking

Most successful cam girls talk 80% of the time and have sex on webcam the remaining 20% of the time. It’s almost like getting paid great money to talk with virtual friends who also happen to jerk off while you talk. Sure, you’ll have to show off your body every now and again, but isn’t that what modeling is all about anyway?

Easy to climb the ranks

When first starting out as a cam girl, you’ll be placed at the bottom of the ladder. Don’t let that bring you down, it’s actually quite easy to climb the ranks. In fact, if you’re entertaining and have a great body or excel in a certain niche, you’ll become a top rated cam girl in no time. The key is to stick with it and to continue pleasing your regulars.

It’s safe

Unlike other sex work, live cam models are 100% safe. There is no risk of getting diseases and there is no risk of getting physically attacked. Selling viewers a brief moment to view your naked body has never been safer than it is with live cam shows.