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Is it Wrong to Fall in Love with Someone Online

Falling in love is something that we can’t control. There is no control over the way that we feel about someone else and no matter how hard we try to feel differently, it’s nearly impossible to do so. Meeting someone online is no different than meeting someone in real life; it could be love at first sight without you even knowing it. However, when it comes time to actually form a real life relationship with a person who lives halfway across the globe, many people will criticize you. So is it wrong to fall in love with someone online or is it more of a modern trend?


Finding Love Online

There are hundreds of sites that allow you to find love on the Internet; so obviously, it’s not that weird. In fact, more people meet through an online environment than any other way. It’s a lot easier to communicate with the other person when you are behind a screen; it takes a lot less confidence and gives you more ease to converse with the other person.

Benefits of Finding Love Online

Not only is meeting someone on the Internet a lot easier to do than in real life situations, but it’s also very beneficial. Most people don’t realize that it can create solid relationships when opposed to meeting someone in a bar or nightclub. Meeting your love online allows you to bond with the person before jumping straight into bed. When you meet someone in a bar, you normally sleep with that person the very same night. Meeting someone online gives you plenty of time to get to know the person before sleeping with them.

By falling in love over the Internet, you can make sure that you actually want to be with that person. If creates solid relationships that normally last much longer than meeting someone in nightclubs.

Online Dating is Not Wrong

It’s not wrong to fall in love with someone online, even if they live in a different country. It does make it a little more difficult to handle in the first stages of your relationship due to the distance, but when the time is right, you will be reunited. Whether you want to marry the person or just have a fun time on webcam with them, it’s never wrong to fall in love with a person over a webcam chat. It’s not like falling in love with a computer screen because the person you are in love with is an actual person. Many couples form over a video chat environment and some people have even gotten married after meeting online. Keep searching for love online because you never know what you may find!

Avoiding the friend zone with these 4 tips

When you use webcam chat sites to meet random strangers on the Internet, you will most likely want to search for something more. Many people try to build relationships with the people that they meet on cam. However, tons of people fall into the friend zone before they even realize it. That’s bad; you want to avoid the friend zone at all costs because once you’re considered a friend, it’s difficult to view that person as your lover. Here are 4 tips on how to avoid the friend zone.


  • Remaining polite is important, but you don’t want to be too polite either. Most girls like a little bit of rudeness without actually insulting them. Show them that you’re in charge and that you can wear the pants. Being too polite will definitely get them to like you, but they will like you as a friend. You need to avoid that and talk to the strangers with assurance.
  • Staying out of the friend zone will require you to flirt with the other person right off the bat. This doesn’t mean that you have to go all out and constantly talk flirty with them, but a nice little compliment here and there will go a long way. Compliment the person in a way that only someone who is attracted to them would compliment them. For instance, don’t say “your glasses look good on you”. Instead say things like “you have the most beautiful eyes in the world”.
  • Get to know the other person. Ask the other person about personal life details and figure out things that they would normally only tell their loved ones. Remember, if you become the boyfriend or girlfriend, you will need to know a lot about that person and that person will have to feel comfortable telling you those things. Get started on the right foot by having them discuss personal information with you.
  • Make the other person laugh. Getting them to laugh is a one-way ticket to their heart. If you can make them laugh because of sex related jokes, that’s even better. For instance, joke about what color her bra is or her panties. She may even want to show you after you bug her about it for a while. Keep trying to get the other person to laugh as much as possible; everyone loves falling in love with someone who can make them smile.


Get creative with these ideas and try your best to make them work for you. It’s important that you find your own way as well. Avoid becoming just another good friend and try to get them to fall in love with you. I know, it’s not easy, but it’s worth it in the end!

Top 3 Gay Chatroulette Sites Online

Finding men on cam sites is one of the easiest things you’ll ever want to do. More than 80% of cam site users are in fact men. However, more than half of those men are straight and looking for women. This makes it extremely difficult for gay men to find other gay men on cam sites. Finding a gay man on a cam site is just about as difficult as finding a girl on a cam site. Fortunately for the gay community, there are excellent chatroulette sites that are dedicated to gay men only. Here are the 3 best gay chatroulette sites online.

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 6.46.34 PM

Gaypage is one of those sites that you should already know about. It’s been around for a while now and it has tons of users online at all times. In fact, it’s the best gay chatroulette site online. It has the most features for gay users and it has the absolute best environment for gay men.

If you’re interested in finding love online or even if you’re looking for a quick fling, Gaypage is the best solution for you. It has it all. You can choose to text chat or video chat which truly enhances the experience for all types of users. even has live cam streams where boys put on shows for the world to see. If you’re looking for gay men on the internet, this site should be your number one stop.


Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 6.46.19 PM

Although ChatRandom doesn’t focus only on gay users, it does have a great gay chat environment. If you’re tired of using gay chat sites that only have a handful of online users, you’ll love using ChatRandom’s gay chat environment.

ChatRandom is known for having the most amount of online users when compared to all other random cam sites. With an average of over 60,000 users online at any given moment, it becomes a lot easier for you to find someone that you can connect with.

The gay chat feature allows you to browse through tons of webcams of guys that are interested in meeting other boys. This should become your second stop when searching for gay boys on the internet.



Finally you should check out This site is similar to ChatRandom since they don’t only focus their entire site towards the gay community. However, they do focus mainly around virtual sex. So if you’re looking for online sex with gay men, you’ll love Sexchatster’s gay chat feature.

They too have thousands of users online at all times which really makes it easy for you to find someone that you will connect with on a deeper level.

Sexchatster is well designed and has addictive features making it a true gem for the gay community. This should become your third stop when searching for gay boys on the internet.

Top 4 Places to Meet Lesbians Online

The internet provides many ways to meet new people who share similar interests, hobbies, and lifestyles as you. However, if you are a lesbian finding a place where you can exclusively meet other lesbians can present quite a challenge. There are many ways online for heterosexual people to connect, but the options for lesbians can be a little more complicated. When trying to find other lesbians online you want to be sure that the platform you are meeting them on caters exclusively for lesbians and doesn’t allow other people posing as lesbians to use them. So, here are the top 4 places to meet lesbians online:


Lesbian Dating Sites

Online dating has grown and expanded massively in the last few years, with many dating sites specializing in specific niches. One of these niches is lesbian dating which works in the same way as any other dating site except it caters exclusively for lesbians. This can be a great way to meet genuine lesbians and form a close friendship or more. The majority of lesbian dating sites have strict sign up processes to ensure that all their member are genuine and not posing as gay or bi-sexual. There have been many success stories from lesbian dating sites, so it is certainly worth a try.


Lesbian Cam Sites

Random cam sites have recently expanded into more niche areas also with lesbian cams one of the most popular. Lesbian cam sites provide a simple way to connect and interact with other lesbians around the world without having to deal with a naked man popping up every other click. There are quite a few lesbian cam sites popping up, but the best ones around at the moment are,,, and It is certainly worth checking these sites out as a great way to meet new lesbians.


Social Media

Yes, social media is becoming a tired way to try and connect with new people, however, if you look a little deeper you can find plenty of other lesbians using social media to find connections. More than half the population of the world use Facebook and there are plenty of exclusively lesbian page and groups available. They can advertise local meets, spark discussion, and generally provide a great way to meet other lesbians. Obviously you may have to weed through a few annoying people first before you find a great connection, but there are definitely girls on social media waiting to be contacted.


Discussion Threads/Chat Rooms

Most forum sites and chat rooms provide unique area for lesbian chat and discussion only. These places can be a great way to voice your opinion with other lesbians and make a few friends. Discussion threads are a leading way of making friends online and using lesbian forums is no different. If you get involved with the conversation you will start making new female friends in no time. Similarly, chat rooms which have a lesbian only room can be a great place to meet new girls. Obviously, it pays to take care in chat rooms as people can easily pretend to be someone they’re not.